It’s May, or May not ..

Well It Is May.. Excuse me for trying to make it sound like a discovery. But.. you may or may not know about the existence of a Dubai Flea Market, did you ? It’s an awesome concept whoever came up with it. Personally I ‘discovered’ it only last week from and the website was a discovery in itself.  Check it out and you’ll see why.

Here’s some news for May, while I’m waiting for my brand new BMW.. well from Splash you know.  I’m expecting it anytime, I bought a trouser and they’ve got 20 BMWs to give away on it. I was passing by the shop and I was tempted, I must say. So I may or may not ever wear that trouser, may or may not see my BMW when I open my eyes. But, it’s worth a try or a trouser let’s say!. If you didn’t get yours it’s too late now, it ended on 4th May.  And here are some more things that’s about to end in May.. so you may go get your last minute deals right now.

The 5 Day Sale at Brands 

Ends on 6-May-2013




Last Few days & Further Reductions at Debenhams

Ends on 9-May-2013

Debenhams savers_tcm87-28138



The Baby Shop Sale – Last Few Days

Ends on 11-May-2013



Hyperpanda 100 winners every day Promo

Ends on 8-May-2013



View the full catalogue


Jacky’s Launch Offers

Ends on 10 May 2013



Thats a few, Don’t say I didn’t tell you. To find out more you know where to go.



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Keep up the Style !

Dubai is back in style ! The buzz around the globe is on about Dubai police in their Lamborghini cars. Now you even get arrested in style. And you thought we had enough landmarks, buildings, hotels and malls in Dubai ? We got more coming. Check out Ahmad Dubai’s Blog, he keeps you up-to-date with happenings in Dubai.  I hope he’ll also keep us posted with photos of these developments on his photography website.

So In Dubai style don’t stop, and you gotta keep up with the city. I know, it’s pay day, it’s weekend and you’re going to feel like spending. You don’t want to be wearing an Armani suite with empty pockets by next week. I can understand the pressure on the style but spend prudently, okay. So, here are some picks for you this weekend.

Call it Spring

Shoes and Accesories


New Look

Garments – Young & Trendy.


Kate Spade




They’ve got everything there, even make-up !

Debenhams savers_tcm87-28138

Those were just the highlights. Get the full listing on the in-store promotions in Dubai here.

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Who wants to be beautiful eh?

Have you noticed, the word ‘b-e-a-u-tiful’ has a complicated spelling, that you can’t help misspelling it. That tells you something, Beauty, it’s hard to spell it out.. BTW Is there anyone left in the world who hasn’t seen the youtube video of Mr.Forensic from CIA doing sketches.

My concept of beauty is simple. It’s simply good health. That’s why I call it Health & Beauty. Beauty is relatively proportional to health, physical and mental. Notice how people look best in their youth, or, people look better when they are into fitness, and the opposite when sick… People who migrate from 3rd world to more developed countries look better than their counterparts back home.. it’s simply change of food and lifestyle. A beautiful person is the sum of it’s parts, i.e. healthy skin + bright eyes + quality of hair + shape + etc..

Summary, focus on health, and beauty will follow naturally.

Having said that, it’s also expensive to maintain such a lifestyle. So ..



Paris Gallery


Boots Pharmacy

1-April-2013 till [ongoing for now]

Buy 2 Get 1 Free


Bath & Body Works

1-April-2013 till [ongoing for now]

Buy 2 Get 1 Free


Now to the best bit, The best things in life come for free. I came across Naznin’s blog,  that provides some wonderful tips on on DIY at-home beauty treatments / DIY greeting cards among many other things!. Do check it out.

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Home & Decor

My building in Dubai Marina has beautiful penthouse apartments.. 4 bedrooms on the 48th floor, with own terrace and beautiful views to the palm island. No, that’s not mine, mine is 3 bedrooms less and 35 floors below that.. so I still have some steps to climb up till there.. but hope to get there someday.  So who does live there I was curious.. who is living my dream ? obvious question.. I found out that it’s a rich Russian gentleman who owns the penthouse apartment, but he hasn’t moved in since 2 years that he bought it.. What ?? well, he’s still furnishing it.. it’s undergone everything from a Mediteranean theme, then switched to a jungle theme, and so on.  So i’m not the only one with an obsession on redoing my interior.. but mine is limited to moving the furniture around and switching the wall hangings.. you can only stretch your legs to the length of the blanket you see.. So, if you are like me, with an appetite for home design but not the cash to match, we have to wait for the time when these fancy showrooms go on sale.. and that’s just happened.. So here’s a list.


Mid-season sale at Bloomingdales.. tempting ..




upto 70% OFF! Really ? ..

It’s worth going and having a look, I mean.. exotic never goes out of style .



Upto 50% off on modern home decor.. hows that.. contract exotic with modern..

WE Summer  Savers eShot Phase 1 UAE


Special offers on Painting material and Powertools..

Yea that’s right .. if you just said what’s Ace H/W doing here.. What’s the fun without that.. When was the last time you did some  hardwork with the powertools and the decor and then.. sit back on the couch and admire your work.. that’s called happiness!


Well, that was just top 5, there’s more. Check out all the Sale & Offers on Home & Decor going on

By the way I’d also planned to make a post on Kids, but I’ve got to say sorry Mom’s out there, I don’t have much right now, but it’s coming soon.. But I make up for it by recommending you another blog.. it’s Dubaioursandbox, a beautiful blog on kids and family life in dubai, written by a mom, of the mom for the moms. I enjoyed reading it even though i’m not a mom.. If you didn’t notice it yet, my pen name is dxbboy!



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Spring Fashion 2013

So, Fashion for the Spring eh. It’s more like dusty out there, but let’s call it spring.. that’s more cool. Lets see whats out there .. You want to pay less and look cool .. You can get a full listing of spring fashion sale in dubai here.

But here is the top 5.


2 plain T-shirt AED 85; 25% Off on its range of Women Tops. 2 Kids T-shirts for AED 100; 2 baby Clothes for AED 85




Forever 21 sale upto 20-45% off on its range of collection




55%-95% off AT SCONTO UNTIL APRIL 18th.




Special Offer – 25% OFF now ON in ALDO UAE stores




25%-50% Part Sale @ BIRKENSTOCK Stores on footwear



Spend less .. Live more.. ! Cheers.


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GITEX Spring 2013

So, apparently GITEX decided to make a surprise appearance. And as usual all the buzz and traffic jams.. of course, deals and offers to make you think, it’s now or never.  The big boys are at it as usual with their big deals, as follows :

Sharaf DG 


Shop all you can millions worth of free gifts.. hmm. that’s going to be hard to explain.. Take a look at the catalogue and figure it for yourself.



bundle deals on laptops, Televisions, Samsung smartphones and more, again a picture is worth a thousand words, so ladies and gentlemen, here is the full catalog .


Now, I don’t know why they named it like that. Anyways, here is their offer.


View E-Max catalog

Need more, Here’s an up-to-date listing of sale, offers and promotions on electronics.

Random roundup from GITEX 2013:

Nikon D3100 camera with 18-55mm (VR) + 8GB memory card + case + Samsung 32″ LED TV –AED 2,499 (Jacky’s)

Galaxy Note II + AED 200 gift voucher + Eurostar 7″ tablet – AED 2,399 (Jacky’s)

ASUS MEMOPad 7″ Android tablet – AED 599 (various retailers)

Samsung Galaxy SIII + AED 200 gift voucher – AED 2,099 (Jacky’s)

PS console + FIFA 13 + controller + Emax 100 voucher – AED 1,399 (emax)

Dell Inspiron 15 – AED 2,299 (emax)

HP ENVY Phoenix Desktop + XBox 360 4GB – AED 7,399 (various retailers)

Apple iPad mini 16GB + Belkin case + Screen protector + desktop speakers – AED 1,799 (emax)

Samsung Galaxy Camera + Magic Star Karaoke + centrepoint AED 350 voucher – AED 1,999(emax)

Alienware X51 gaming desktop – AED 4,099 (various retailers)

WD 1TB My Passport HD + free gift – AED 359 (emax)

Sharp 60″ LED TV + AED 950 centrepoint voucher – AED 5,499 (emax)

BlackBerry Z10 + 7″ Android Tablet + 16GB microSD + 2 x du SIM card – AED 2,599 (one mobile)

HP Deskjet InkAdvantage 2515 + Black Cartridge – AED 205 (various retailers)

HTC 8X Windows Phone 8 – AED 1,699 (various retailers)

Lenovo G580 (Core i3) Notebook – AED 1,699 (various retailers)

HP ENVY 4-1100ee Sleekbook (Core i5) + Beats Pill Bluetooth Speaker – AED 2,699(various retailers)

Canon EOS 1100D + 15-55MM + EF 75-300MM III + EF 50MM + SD Card + Case + AED600 gift voucher – AED 2,999 (Sharaf DG)

Well, Gitex will just last a few days, overexcitement = quick finish.. i.e. paradox of life. so make the most of it.

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